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Career Development

Career development is an organized approach used to match employee goals with the business needs of the agency.

The purpose of career development is to:

  • Enhance each employee's current job performance.

  • Enable individuals to take advantage of future job opportunities.

  • Fulfill agencies' goals for a dynamic and effective workforce.


Who's Responsible for Planning Your Career?

You are!  Although professional development is a collaborative, on-going effort for both individuals and the agency for which he or she works, ultimately, you own your career!  Successful professional and career development requires a balance between your career aspirations, developmental needs and the goals and requirements of the organization. 

Whether you are new to your job field or a seasoned manager, you can continue to make positive contributions to your organization’s performance while simultaneously enhancing your skills, capabilities and career growth possibilities. The following are examples of career planning actions:


  • Decide what you want from your career now and in the future
  • Individually take actions to assess your interests, strengths, and areas for development
  • Develop a career action plan including current job development and long-term career objectives
  • Identify on-the-job learning and training opportunities, continuing education, and/or avenues for professional development
  • Develop tools such as an accomplishment based resume and biographical sketch to effectively market yourself

Managers & Supervisors

  • Identify the job-related knowledge, skills, abilities, competencies and experience that employees need to be effective in their positions
  • Help employees define short and long-term development needs that support agency objectives and employee career goals
  • Support employees’ action plans by indicating specific steps that need to be taken


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